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Rise FundNGO is a crowdfunding platform for everyone with a business or project idea. This can be commercial or creative, charitable or philanthropic. The only common thread is that projects should be on a mission to create sustainable economic development and social progress for black people. Put simply it should be black owned or for the benefit/advancement of black people.

We are based in London, UK
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RiseFundNGO launched in July 2020. Since our launch, July 2020,

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Rise FundNGO was inspired by the simple thought, What Next?
Specifically, what are we going to do after the marching and the kneeling?
We were motivated by the “black lives matter” paradigm shift to work together with ambitious entrepreneurs and creators to raise money to bring innovative ideas to life and turn visions into reality

Anita Egbune
I am a wife, a mother and a black woman. I have made my career in financial services and banking. With almost 20 years experience working in the Investment banking space I am a finance professional with a broad understanding of corporate strategy

A mother and a black woman. I am an experienced and versatile engineering professional with over 15 years spent within major infrastructure projects. I specialise in the fields of project/programme and portfolio management, planning and project controls.

As daughters of Nigerian immigrants to the UK and serial entrepreneurs we wanted the opportunity to be part of the change agenda. We are founders of Rise FundNGO