How It all began

Rise FundNGO was inspired by the simple thought, What Next?
Specifically what are we going to do after the marching and the kneeling?

We were motivated by the “black lives matter” paradigm shift to work together with ambitious entrepreneurs to raise money to bring innovative ideas to life and turn visions into reality.

How It works

Starting a Campaign

Your funding idea can be anything that you want to share with others. It could be commercial or creative, charitable or philanthropic… almost anything you dream up can find a home on Rise FundNGO. Just keep your funding drive focused, with a clear end goal, and you’ll be good. Start and plan your campaign today.

Supporting a Campaign

Congratulations on finding a campaign you want to support. Your decision irrespective of size will make a real difference to moving our change agenda. You do not need a Rise FundNGO account to invest but you can create one here. All you need to do is find the project you would like to support and select “Contribute”.


As a donation or reward based investment platform it is important for a fund coordinator to think about the type of reward your backers would like to receive. In our Campaign Handbook we have suggestions on what you may want to consider when making this decision.


We are the children of Nigerian immigrants and serial entrepreneurs. It is this drive that inspires our unshakable respect and belief in entrepreneurs that dream big, push at the edges and want to make a difference, big and small. We believe that it is these dreams that will create sustainable economic development and social progress for black people.

We also understand the value of philanthropic effort and we want to use the Rise FundNGO platform to spotlight projects that embody our vision of “opportunities today for brighter tomorrows”.