Campaign Creator

We have created this campaign creator to assist you in launching your campaign.
By responding to the prompts in the first section you will have completed the basic requirements to submit your campaign.
Space has been created to prompt you to think about supporting images or videos you will include when you upload you campaign.
The case study is an example where the guidance has been followed with some suggested formats.
Please forward your completed campaign creator to the team at for review. We will come back to you with any suggested changes or to let you know you are ready to upload once the platform launches.


Two Sentences

1st Line to draw the attention of perspective backers

“Let’s Start a…”

“A New kind of…”

“From my kitchen table to…”

2nd Line to describe the vision
“We are…”

“We aim to…”

Provide the following


Zoom/in person meetings recorded

Images/video of you working or packaging

Photos of the product/service

Prototype images/videos


Prototype demonstration should reflect a product’s current state and should not include any CGI or special effects to demonstrate functionality that does not yet exist. If a project requires software and hardware integration, creators are required to show that functionality and any dependency clearly, or disclose that it has not yet been developed.

Misleading imagery includes photorealistic renderings and heavily edited or manipulated images or videos that could give backers a false impression of a product’s current stage of development.

Paragraph One

Who are you? Introduce yourself, your team

When did you start?

Why did you start? Where did this idea come from? Why do you care?

Paragraph Two

Background to market/requirement

Interesting statistics

Paragraph Three

What do you plan to use the funds for?

What is the timeline/schedule (what are the key milestones start to finish, include estimate dates)

What is the budget?

Paragraph Four

What is the investor incentive? (Sample products, merch, experiences)

Paragraph Five

What is the impact (increase turnover/productivity, Job creation, training, new skills, social mobility etc.)

What will you offer as a reward at each funding level?

Complete the question marks using the Building Rewards section of the

Campaign Handbook


Reward LevelRewardPledge Amount
No RewardGood feeling. Support the project for no reward, just it speaks to you Up to £10
Extra Large????£?????


What are the top 5 risks to achieving your goal besides not achieving your funding?

What actions will you take to manage the 5 risks. Actions should fall under one or more of the ERIC categories;

Eliminate – “I will eliminate the risk by…” (exclusion of item, alternative supplier etc…)

Reduce – “I will reduce the risk by…” (training, accredited supply chain etc..)

Isolate – “I will isolate the risk by…” (Screen off, separate locations etc…)

Control – “I will control the risk by…” (process, tools etc…)