Brand Assets

You can download social badges to promote your project on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from this page. You can also access the Rise FundNGO wordmark, logo, brand colors, and rules for using those materials.

How to use social badges

These materials are intended to help you celebrate key campaign moments on social media and in newsletters. Aligning with Rise FundNGO’s visual style can assist your campaign in capturing attention. Download our custom image frames—available in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter-optimized dimensions.

As you plan promotions, keep in mind that Rise FundNGO is a tool for funding businesses and projects that are on a mission to create sustainable economic development and social progress for black people and building a community. So be authentic, share what inspires you, and invite people to become a part of what you’re making. You’re not asking them to just donate, you’re asking them to join your journey.

A quick note: Don’t place graphics over the main project image on your Rise FundNGO page. Think of this as a pack of stickers for social promotion only, and keep in mind that our team is more likely to feature compelling, uncluttered pages that are authentic, honest and clearly presented.

– A project page with a video/picture and description that clearly explain the story behind your funding drive

– Rewards that backers will receive when the campaign is completed

– Updates that share the journey as the campaign comes to life

Let’s go through these, one by one. We’ll get started with your project page — where you’ll tell people your story.

Files to include on page for download