Could crowdfunding get you started? Take the plunge

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Could crowdfunding get you started?

So, it has been a busy time, but better to be busy than bored right?

Much time has been spent head down, diligently working, but as with all things there are seasons. Now it is time to raise our heads and let you know what has occupied us.

The first part of the show and tell began with an article in Glamour magazine in which we discussed what pushed us to create the Rise Fund N’Go crowdfunding platform.

“We were watching the news about George Floyd and all that happened in the aftermath withCrowdfunding demonstrations being organised. It wasn’t possible for us to march for practical and health reasons as we live in a shared home with other family members.” says Anita. “So we looked at what we could do to bring about genuine, lasting and sustainable change. Real action.”

So could the opportunity that crowdfunding presents be the push you need to get started. Take the plunge.


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